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"Recently I have conducted business with Mr.Subir Basak.In the course of getting to know him, I found him to be an immensely unique and energetic photographer.The eyes of Subir for capturing a droplet in time is simply brilliant.Working with him was a pleasure.When I needed a specific photo for a web project that I was working on,I was able to find it with Subir.Many many other photo stock agencies and photographers did not have the desired photo that I needed,Subir however did.I look very much forward to working with Subir in the future and encourage everyone to do the same."

Travis Lee Price IV

National Geographic Society

"Subir is outstanding photographer and has unique vision. He may make you look better than what you are. He is capable of catching elements, emotions and almost everything related to all what is here on earth."

AshokKumar Sharma

Dy Director,Information,Government of Uttar Pradesh

"Whatever words are shared by others to describe Subir's photographic work and his skill, creativity and his dedication to it are true! He is a seasoned traveller, at home in city or rural environment, his portraiture is outstanding, his ability to enter into and become part of the worlds he photographs is second to none. More than this he is a kind and thoughtful man and a pleasure to work with. "

Kevin Ryan

CEO,Charnwood Arts,United Kingdom

"Idea Cellular was painting Kolkata yellow with more network in every corner of the city. To celebrate this,we launched "Think Yellow Think Idea"- a campaign that challenged the audience on Facebook to capture photos of Kolkata with lots of yellow in it. For this digital engagement, we partnered with Mr. Subir Basak. In our launch creatives, we featured stunning photos of Kolkata taken by Mr. Basak himself. His photographs perfectly captured the essence of Kolkata and the dominant hues of yellow, in turn inspiring photographers from across Kolkata to Think Yellow Think Idea and share their photos. In just 2 weeks we received an overwhelming response of over 1500 photos. The photos were unlike anything we had seen before in a Social Media campaign- stunning enough to run in exhibitions across the world.This would not have been possible without Mr. Basak's photos that got the wheels turning for our campaign. After 2 weeks, Mr. Basak, our eminent judge, selected the 15 winning photographs. He was extremely supportive at every stage of the campaign. Right from receiving and judging hundreds of photo entries at midnight, to fighting the scorching summer heat of Kolkata to capture stunning shots of Kolkata all day long, day after day, to launch our campaign. At the end of it all, it was a very successful campaign with 40.6 lakh impressions and 1.4 lakh likes on Facebook. And all we have to say is a BIG THANK YOU! To anyone who is looking to collaborate with a photographer for a campaign, we would highly recommend Mr. Basak. He is an extremely talented photographer, a great partner and very professional to work with".

Anoorupa Bose

Associate Creative Director,L&K Saatchi & Saatchi

"I was in search of a colorful and unique image for the cover of a publication on Maternal Mortality in India,and came across the work of Subir.Upon contacting Subir,he made it a simple and painless process.Working with him has been a pleasure,and I am excited to continue using his beautiful photos in future publications.One look at his work and it is clear he is an inquisitive and talented photographer,looking not only for the best shot,but for the most interesting and unusual subject matter.His images tell srories and leave the viewer wondering about the people and places in them".

Carveth Martin

Graphic Designer,Center for Reproductive Rights,New York

"Great captures!Certainly very good collection.May you capture even more beautiful shots".

Jeffrey Yap

Creative Director,Magnet Partnership,Hong Kong

"Subir Basak is one of the favorite photographer of Kosmos.His sense of color and flow add to his sensivity to the human condition.Many thanks,Subir,for contributing beauty to the world".

Nancy Roof

Editor,Kosmos Journal,USA

"Subir is a very talented photographer and I have been following his works for couple of years. He has an eye to see the extraordinary from the ordinary and to capture that moment in time and present it to the viewer in such a way that it leaves a marked impression. From the fleeting moments to the stillness of time he has captured each image so beautifully. His photographs of festivals, people on the street and most of all emotions in his own unique style is a delight. His images are a visual treat".

Suchit Nanda

Photographer,, Mumbai,India

"Let me say,how much I appreciate your incredible collection of pictures of India,A region I love so much".

Dr Fabrizio M. Ferrari

Lecturer in Religious Studies,University of Chester


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