Colorful & Incredible India Photography by Subir Basak


India ( better you can say “Incredible India” photo gallery here ) comprises of a confetti of emotions through diverse landscapes, traditions,rituals,festivals, customs and cultures. With every inch that you dig deeper in her heart, a kaleidoscope of colours flow through her veins.This cultural diversity intrigues everyone across the world. With so many religions and customs, India never stops to amaze the global citizens. India is known for diversity in region, languages, food, clothes, festival, diversity in everything which uniquely represents country and its people. Every state of this “Incredible India” has its incredible beauty of heritage as well as nation. This country, because of the many beautiful locations,fairs and festivals , are the craze of tourists. The Taj Mahal, Kumbh mela, Pushkar cattle fair, Holi festival and Diwali are few for the many which attract lot of human curiosity.

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